Dr. Mel Whitfield

Dr. Mel Whitfield grew up in Batesville, MS and completed her Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Social Science degrees in 1992 at the University of Mississippi. Upon graduation from Ole Miss, Mel began work as a Crisis Therapist at Charter Lakeside Hospital in Memphis, TN. After several years as a therapist, Mel entered the sales field and joined AT&T, ultimately becoming Global Accounts Manager managing the Federal Express account headquartered in Memphis. While enjoying success in sales for more than a decade, Mel left sales in Memphis and moved to Tupelo to marry Lewis Whitfield. Mel was asked to be a sales trainer at the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal in Tupelo and ultimately co-managed the Circulation department for three years. Throughout her life Mel consistently rescued animals, found permanent loving homes for animals and volunteered with her local humane societies. Across the dinner table one evening Lewis asked Mel, “If you could do anything what would you do?” and Mel without hesitation said, “Be a vet.” Fast-forward six years and Mel has graduated from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree. She joined the staff of Dilworth Small Animal Hospital in July of 2013.

Dr. Whitfield is currently on extended leave.